Doubts and Queries a New Player may Have

SimCity BuildIt is a mobile game that can be played both online and offline. However the game is best enjoyed online. You can play across multiple devices too. There are some questions that new players like to clarify upon as they continue their play on the game.

When there is a loss of internet connection while playing the game online, the player can continue his game off-line. Once the connection is received, he can save the game on the internet and continue further. As the mayor of the city you can name your city with any name of your choice. If you feel like changing the name, you can do so. Name change can be done a number of times. So it is not a problem at all.

Chatting with friends is the social connection that the game of SimCity BuildIt has been provided with. With this facility you can interact with your friends that you already know and with new friends from the game too. You can proudly present all that you have accomplished with your city and go visiting on your friend’s cities too. You can also keep a check on the items for sale on the Trade Depots to take up good bargains.

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The SimCity has to be filled by people and the people should be content. This is another important feature that the mayor has to bear in mind. If the citizens are not content with the city and the environment, they show their discontent by moving out of the city. When people move out of the city, the revenue of the city goes down, as the tax payment get reduced. Hence, the city should have more population. Whenever the essential services are well provided such as hospitals, police station, fire station, power, water and waste management, the citizens are happy and flock towards these zones and increase the population of these zones thereby increasing the value of these areas. Specialization services such as parks, transport education and entertainment also help to increase the value of the land.

The game revolves around Sims currencies such as Simoleons which the mayor gets when the residents pay taxes. He also gets them when he constructs buildings and upgrades them. These Simoleons are used to pay for materials that are required to build roads, buildings, to help in trading goods, to make deals. Income increases when taxes are received, goods produced are sold promptly and items are sold to other players. Sims Cash can be got from in-app stores by paying for them with real money. Golden Keys are another resource that the mayor gets to buy premium buildings. These keys can be earned through cargo shipments completed on time and through helping the city rebuild itself after disastrous events like flood and earthquake. If you want to know about how to hack simcity buildit then you may need to know that simoleons and golden keys can also be acquired through simcity buildit tricks which provides these resources for free and of an unlimited quantity it means you can do it by yourself with few tricks and knowledge. Have fun.

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